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Business Education for Our Clients
Payment Management is committed to ongoing education, including quarterly or ongoing training seminars and bimonthly newsletters, detailing transaction processing industry information, changes and product information.

We give you the tools you need to maximize profit and minimize the cost of accepting payments. By training our clients on the best business practices, they get the most out of their customized payment services program.
Make sure you have all the information needed to stop fraudulent transactions and to protect yourself from credit card fraud. Please review these Best Practices and make sure your staff is thoroughly familiar with them. Click here for more information on Credit Card Best Practices.
Interchange is a complex system that is constantly changing.  Since Interchange has the biggest impact on your bottom line, it's important to know that you are taking advantage of all cost reductions available for your type of business.  Click here to learn more.
In the last two years, you have probably heard a lot about PCI DSS compliance. Initially there was much mis-information about it and some processors initiated draconian measures and penalties to force merchants to take little-understood actions. As we have learned more about the importance of PCI Compliance, the needs of the merchants and the needs of the processors, we understand it better and have solutions that are more in line with reality. Click here for more information.
Bankcard processing has the potential to help you increase your revenue stream as well as offer more convenience to your customers. To ensure that your bankcard processing transactons go as smoothly as possible, we are here to support you.  Click here for more information on Chargebacks.