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About Payment Management
Payment Management is a partnership of payment card industry professionals with extensive experience in providing the very best payment services programs to businesses of all sizes.   No matter the industry or number of locations, we offer the widest selection of credit card processing products and solutions available today. This variety of options allows us to provide the most appropriate technology and processing program with the most competitive pricing that is needed for businesses to run in the most efficient manner. Our hallmarks are true personal service with exacting attention to detail providing each business with the ability to be free of concern about their payment services program.

Payment Management is woman-owned and operated in Princeton, NJ. Since opening in 1992, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 
A multiple award-winning 20-year card payments veteran, Joan Bartl works closely with clients at local, regional and national levels and with companies and institutions of all sizes and types. Her diverse professional experience has brought accolades for her ability to shepherd clients through the often confusing assortment of ever-changing technical and regulatory requirements of the processing industry. 

Ms. Bartl’s seasoned collaboration with industry experts has helped increase system efficiency, professionalism, and integrity for both clients and industry alike. She has designed and implemented industry training programs and regularly leads educational seminars for business managers and industry colleagues. Ms. Bartl’s professional associations include member of the Presidents Club for PayPros, a former member of the Advisory Council with Elavon Merchant Services, a co-founder of NXGEN Payment Services, and a member of the Northeast Acquirers Association. She active in numerous local civic organizations and is a member of the both the Princeton Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors of Womanspace in Mercer County, New Jersey.

Ms. Bartl works closely with an experienced Payment Management Support Staff to ensure that every client receives the personal, professional and proactive service with attention to detail that they expect and deserve. 
Sheena Karpinski’s contribution to the Payment Management team began over 15 years ago and quickly brought a new level of service to its portfolio of accounts. An invaluable and dedicated company asset, her technical expertise and industry knowledge is demonstrated in part by her creative approach to problem solving as well as her attention to detail. 

Sheena keeps abreast of the ever-evolving technology to make certain we are always on the cutting edge of the most appropriate systems for our clients. She manages the client database, systems and procedures, and the reporting structures and support for the sales team. Creating monthly newsletters as well as presentations for clients, sales meetings, and training are among her many talents.

Prior to joining Payment Management, Sheena was Eastern Division Service Center Manager with BANCard, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado.  
Jennifer Guy has been in the electronic payment industry and with Payment Management since 2006. She brings with her a mastery of the consultant "sell" and a primary focus on educating the customer to make informed decisions.  

She works with a variety of merchants both large and small, both retail and corporate, and has recently focused on the delivery and routing industry - waste management, portable toilet rentals, and roll-off dumpsters. "It is a growing industry where most businesses are family-owned, and it is important that they have a trusted partner to work with," she says.  

Jennifer earned her Bachelor's degree in Music from Ohio State University and went on to earn a Master's degree in Business with the University of Phoenix. Given the changing nature of the industry, she is constantly learning new technologies and methodologies and finds that it is an opportunity for "life-long learning!"

Although Jennifer personally manages her account portfolio, she does so in partnership with referral agents, processors and support staff at the Payment Management offices in Princeton, New Jersey.  
Mark Yoder is a valuable asset to the Payment Management team. His strong principles mirror those valued at Payment Management--personal service, attention to detail, efficiency and a can-do attitude. He has extensive experience in customer service in the financial field, and is an adaptive, solution-driven individual. Mark coordinates communication with multiple parties (clients, staff, 3rd parties and other affiliates) in order to resolve issues for clients. 

Mark is experienced in technical support, industry regulations and best practices providing another value-added service for Payment Management clients.  He performs extensive data entry into our company’s Customer Relationship Management database and tracks client account activity to improve consistency and accuracy of services.

Gene Cascone is well-known and respected for his extensive experience in the payment processing industry. While he successfully manages to keep pace with the ever-changing and evolving technologies, he educates his merchants on industry regulations as well as security requirements. As part of his exceptional personal service, he makes certain that his merchants are taking advantage of solutions and programs to reduce their costs and improve efficiency.

As a member of Payment Management since 2000, Gene brings an unprecedented tenure to a single sales organization and a mature perspective on changes as they occur, boasting a large portfolio, working with small, medium, and larger, multiple-location merchants. He prides himself on his personal service and works hard to be creative in offering customized solutions to his clients.

Gene has earned numerous industry awards for his work and accolades for his service. Prior to his association with Payment Management, he owned a retail store with 15 employees and, in his words, "my years in a retail business give me an ability to understand credit card processing from the viewpoint of the business owner." He was so impressed with his processing representative and the opportunities the business presented that he decided to take it on as a second business, and now as his primary business.  

He earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Rutgers University and resides with his family in Yardley, PA.